AfterForever - Absinthe Films' new trailer

Posted Aug 30 2016

Absinthe Films, one of the originals, and still delivering the goods annually. In September, AfterForever releases digitally and on DVD. Trailer below

Change is the only constant. Resistance leads to stagnation and suffering while embracing it brings growth.What comes /fterForever? Everything

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Rendered Useless - full film

Posted Aug 26 2016

Chikenmeat Unlimited release the full edit of Rendered Useless.

"A discovery of ourselves though a thought process related to what we do all winter. Because really this video is that meditation and I use the word not in its literal sense but in a discovery sort of way where you sit with one group of ideas and rearrange them all till they make sense."

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The Fourth Phase GoPro Teaser

Posted Aug 24 2016

It is now only just over a month away before RedBull TV premiers this movie. Without doubt, the biggest film of the 2016/2017 season. The Fourth Phase

"While exploring the untapped backcountry of his native Wyoming, Rice plots a 16,000 mile course to follow the hydrological cycle around the North Pacific, where snow and ice create dreamlike landscapes on the towering mountains above.

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The Fourth Phase - new teaser

Posted Aug 20 2016

With premiers only a month away, we get a another surprise teaser for The Fourth Phase (in 4K, natch). Less action, more science, but we will take any new footage we can right now.

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TransWorld SNOWboarding's teaser for their sixth full length film, "Insight"

Posted Aug 03 2016

"Snowboard films are often born of homogeneity. It makes sense; any creative endeavor needs a theme to unite the work. Insight is a multifaceted project unified by diversity, and the title is quite literal: it is a look into the individuals, locations, and crews that comprise it. The aim is to delve into the lives of those involved, exposing the particular motivations each has to strap in - be it atop a stairset, powder field or couloir."

Tunes, "Battlefield" by Magic Sword and "I just Need Some Money" by Hustle and Drone

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Shredtopia "Ozzie" section in 4k

Posted Aug 02 2016

Shredbots give us another part from Shredtopoia. Torstein Horgmo's broken back incident is covered briefly.

Released on YouTube in 4K, so if you have the kit, go full screen to enjoy that.

Tunes : Justin Jay ft Chris Lorenzo - Storm

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Finally, a new snowboarding game to shout about - Ubisoft's Steep

Posted Jun 14 2016

Yes, we know it is not a film, and no, it is not even exclusively about Snowboarding...but we have covered games in the past, and this looks decent. Pre-season on the sofa then. Sammy Luebke features.

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Ground Reaction Teaser - Jamie Nicholls

Posted Jun 10 2016

From the UK dry slope scene to the Olympics, British rider Jamie Nichols gets his own video project this winter. Teaser.

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Warp Wave's Aurora Boardealis Trailer

Posted Mar 24 2016

Warp Wave's Aurora Boardealis trailer.

"From big mountains and deep powder to spring slush and tree riding, this universe is full of opportunity to explore the mountainous sanctuaries that surround us. Just as mysterious, colorful lights ebb and flow through the sky, the Warp Wave posse has set out to drift and weave throughout the mountains with the mentality that just beyond the next peak, a blissful paradise awaits. "

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Almo films drop final edit for Comfort Zone

Posted Feb 08 2016

Almo Films have been releasing parts early for Comfort Zone in web series form, but now we have the final edit.

"Ladies and Gentlemens, snowboarding!"

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