Pirates drop Distorted Reality teaser

Posted Sep 27 2013

The Pirates have just dropped their teaser for Distorted Reality.

distorted-reality capture 1

The Pirates' claim of pushing the production values of this years film holds true - "Red cameras, dollies, steady cams and helicopters - you name it!" The evidence is right here.

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Approach and Attack

Posted Sep 27 2013

Antti Autti (and friends) "go deep in the backcountry" with his new project, Approach and Attack.

approach-and-attack capture 1

This one is a two year project, so release is way off in fall 2014, but this teaser below is hardly short of footage and definitely worth checking out.

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Absinthe Films' teaser as Dopamine hits iTunes

Posted Sep 25 2013

dopamine capture 1

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The Pirates announce Distorted Reality

Posted Sep 10 2013

Distorted Reality film cover

"Join a surreal trip following a tight group of riders such as Gigi Ruf, Marco Feichtner, Kalle Ohlson, Elias Elhardt, Fredrik Evensen, Sami Luhtanen, Stale Sandbech, Sven Thorgren, Werni Stock, Niels Shack and Martin Kalijola."

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Transworld Snowboarding's Nation now on iTunes

Posted Sep 09 2013

"Transworld Snowboarding presents "NATION", bringing together a crew of mountain men, legends, rookies, contest kids, and street shredders from around the world. The goal: to showcase all aspects of snowboarding and put a time stamp on the current state of the nation."

Nation film cover

Available to watch on iTunes
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