Jake Blauvelt - Naturally. Full parts

Posted Nov 12 2013

Jake Blauvelt's full part from his 2013 project, along with Eric Jackson's full part.

jake-blauvelt-naturally capture 1

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Never Not Part 2 and Original Soundtrack

Posted Nov 06 2013

Nike Snowboarding has now released part two of Never Not completing the two part project. The first film was only available for free for 24 hours, but is worth tracking down on iTunes if only to see the now legendary Halldor Helgason ender - a massive roof gap backflip.

never-not capture 1

Part 2 is different, it "takes a deeper look at snowboarding, going beyond the action, the tricks, & the travel to expose the people behind the progression."

And the beautiful original soundtrack by Piers Baron is available to download for free too. Checkout the sound cloud links below.

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Jeremy Jones' Higher

Posted Nov 06 2013

First teaser for Higher, the concluding instalment in the Jeremy Jones trilogy following Deeper and Further.

higher capture 1

Jeremy Jones pushing boundaries once again.

Release in the Fall of 2014.

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Quiksilver's Take It Easy

Posted Oct 17 2013

Quiksilver drop their 2013 film, Take It Easy, and it's free to watch right here.

take-it-easy capture 1

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Pirates drop Distorted Reality teaser

Posted Sep 27 2013

The Pirates have just dropped their teaser for Distorted Reality.

distorted-reality capture 1

The Pirates' claim of pushing the production values of this years film holds true - "Red cameras, dollies, steady cams and helicopters - you name it!" The evidence is right here.

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