IKIGAI: The Shin Biyajima Story

Posted Dec 24 2018

After Travis Rice befriended Shin Biyajima during the making of The Fourth Phase, he decided to make a short film following Shin whilst exploring his backyard of Nagano.

Ikigai: The Shin Biyajima Story.

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Standard Films - The Best of TB

Posted Dec 13 2018

Legendary snowboard film maker Standard Films has released all their early back catalogue online for free. This includes all the original Totally Board films, including "the best" of compilation presented here too.

Check out Standard Films producer page for the full film archive.

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Travis Rice's Truffle Pigs - full film in 4K

Posted Dec 07 2018

Travis Rice and Chris Rasman snuffle around the powder pockets of the Tordrillo Mountains (AK) in a quest to build the perfect jump in a very entertaining (and comic) short film. Great soundtrack choice too. Soundtrack details here. Truffle Pigs.

Chris Rasman in flight. Add this to this season's must watch list.

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Korua Shapes - Yearning for Turning 8

Posted Nov 30 2018

"Yearning for Turning" 7 didn't get the buzz that 6 did, so not uncoincidentally, we are sure, Korua Shapes have released Yearning for Turning 8 already. This has some *really* nice euro carving too 👍Back on form.

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Selective Memory by The Manboys - full film

Posted Nov 28 2018

"Because it's hard to remember when you weren't paying attention to begin with." Selective Memory by the Man Boys.

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