Umami - The Manboys teaser

Posted Sep 18 2019

Following on from last year's Selective Memory, The Manboys drop a teaser for Umami.

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Absinthe Films' Isle Of Snow

Posted Sep 18 2019

The proliferation of social media short clips no doubt make it harder to pitch full length films these days, but Absinthe Films reliably continues to get full length edits out. And we are grateful for that. 2019/2020's project now has a teaser. Isle Of Snow

Nicolas Müller, Frank Bourgeois, Wolfgang Nyvelt head up the riders

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OFFLINE from Nitro Snowboards

Posted Sep 10 2019

2019/2020 teaser season starts with OFFLINE from Nitro Snowboards. An unsubtle message - get off your phone, go offline and go shred. Something we can get onboard with.

“It´s more than just snowboarding, it´s literally our escape back to reality”

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Frozen Mind - full film

Posted Jul 19 2019

Since Frozen Mind released last year, Victor de Le Rue has joined the narrator of this film - Victor de Le Rue's borther Xavier de Le Rue - as a Freeride World Tour champion in the 2018/2019s season!

"In Frozen Mind, the pro snowboarder Victor de Le Rue is testing the limits of what is possible and challenges himself against unforgiving, ice-covered slopes in Chamonix, France. "

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Our Kingdom finally released

Posted Jun 12 2019

With a mission to document the UK snowboard scence, Family Creative successfuly crowdfunded Our Kingdom (in 2014!). That would then result in a long and troubled production. The film would evenutally premier in London (November 2018), and it is great to see the film is now online for all. UK snowboarders in particular will find this a must watch.

A cinematic documentary about UK Snowboarding made by the community, for the community.

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