Burton still Standing Sideways with new teaser

Posted Aug 16 2011

Some of the big money movies are shaping up quite nicely for this season. Burton has now released teaser 2 for Standing Sideways which gives us far more insight into the flavour of their new team film than the comical original teaser. Over 4 minutes of riding in this one to enjoy.

standing-sideways capture 1

Check it out after the jump. Standing Sideways.

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Totally Board Series continues with TB20 - teaser

Posted Aug 05 2011

Finally Standard Films release the teaser for 2011s fillm in the long running Totally Board Series (20 years, can you believe that?), and it's good.

tb20 capture 1

This one is a Blu-ray release too, so show your support for true HD shred movies and pick up a copy.

Get TB20 on DVD and Blu-Ray

Check out the teaser after the jump, which features the shred movie favourite of recent years, Iron Swan by The Sword. This way - TB20

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Hash Heaven Films drop Sponsor This teaser

Posted Aug 03 2011

Hash Heaven Films have uploaded a beautifully shot full length teaser for their new film Sponsor This. This is an all Russian crew and camera team, one to look out for when the full edit lands sometime this fall.

sponsor-this capture 1

These guys are hitting anything and everything, including an ice sculpture and even a tank. Yes, a tank.

Teaser after the jump. Sponsor This.

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More from Defenders of Awesome

Posted Aug 03 2011

Capita Snowboards have dropped a full teaser for Defenders of Awesome showcasing the entire team rather than the single rider teasers we have seen before. So we at last get a brief look at the parts from the likes of Dan Brisse and Cale Zima.

defenders-of-awesome capture 2

Full teaser, along with all the earlier single rider teasers, this way....Defenders of Awesome

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The Art of Flight - The Metal Trailer

Posted Jul 30 2011

RedBull and Brain Farm continue the long tease by uploading the second trailer for The Art of Flight. It features plenty of new footage among some you will have seen before from trailer 1.

This one has more avalanches, beards and bears. No bad thing.

Tune : Vengeance Is Mine by Arch Enemy

Available to watch on iTunes
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