JP's part from CHEERS

Posted Jun 30 2011

JP Walker's full part from Cheers has now been added to our CHEERS page.

Feeling Good/Michael Buble provides the sounds.

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Pirates confirm 2011 flick to be called Bottom Line

Posted Jun 29 2011

Teaser trailer expected soon, but film title, Bottom Line, logo and rider line up confirmed. Yes, and that includes Gigi Ruf and JP Solberg's little brother , Stian Solberg as pictured here.

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Take a Good Look @ JP Walker and People this fall

Posted Jun 29 2011

Check out People Films' snowboarding movie, Good Look. Dropping Fall 2011.

Teaser after the jump...

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Peep Show catch up - Winter Wars trailer and full debut movie

Posted Jun 29 2011

The original Peep Show Films film, Peep Show was made available online and is now available in two parts right here.

Also, we have the trailer for their latest Winter Wars. These girls take some punishment for their art, as can be seen in their video blog "PMS # 7: The Bail Edit"

And finally, the soundtrack from their 2010 film Let's Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow has been udpated.

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Standard Films announce TB20 - HD Blu-Ray confirmed

Posted Jun 28 2011

We waited 10 years...but the long running series continues with TB 20 featuring Xavier De Le Rue, Halldor Helgason, Eiki Helgason and Mads Jonsson among others.

And this is coming in glorious HD too, a trend we hope continues now for all Standard releases.

Get TB20 on DVD and Blu-Ray

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