Standard Films announce TB20 - HD Blu-Ray confirmed

Posted Jun 28 2011

We waited 10 years...but the long running series continues with TB 20 featuring Xavier De Le Rue, Halldor Helgason, Eiki Helgason and Mads Jonsson among others.

And this is coming in glorious HD too, a trend we hope continues now for all Standard releases.

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Nike Chosen - Just Do It

Posted Jun 10 2011

So, OK, its not a film, and does not even exclusively feature snowboarding, but its creative filming at its best - just watch and enjoy.

Danny Kass, Peetu Piiroinen, Louie Vito, Mason Aguirre, Ellery Hollingsworth, Greg Bretz, Nicolas Muller and Annie Boulanger on shredding duties.

Get the song, I Got a Thing - I Got a Thing - Single

I Got a Thing - I Got a Thing - Single

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Heart Films Vol.5 - Tadashi Fuse in the Japanese Pow

Posted Jun 10 2011

Heart Films announce this year's instalment of powder focused shredding movie. Tadashi Fuse features again in Vol.5.

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Helgasons want you in their movie

Posted May 31 2011

Yeah, we agree, landing is way over rated. These guys have the best attitude, and now they want your shots for their latest movie Sexual snowboarding.

Landing is optional.

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Marco Smolla & Fips Strauss joint part fron Don't panic!

Posted May 29 2011

Isenseven make available the classically themed joint part for Marco Smolla and Fips Strauss from Don't Panic!

The Don't Panic! title page has been updated and now features 4 whole parts.

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