Teaser season continues unabated -YES. It's a movie

Posted Jul 14 2011

YES. Snowboard drop their test for YES. It's a movie.

Featuring the riding of D.C.P., Romain De Marchi, JP Solberg, and Tadashi Fuse.

Teaser this way Yes It's a movie

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Forum take a Vacation and announce new film

Posted Jul 13 2011

Forum has announced their newest instalment in their long running series of team movies.

Teaser trailer after the jump. Vacation

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Teaser 2 for A Shot in the Dark

Posted Jul 08 2011

Another look at Process Films' 2 year project following Norway's most progressive snowboarders.

a-shot-in-the-dark capture 1

Mikkel Bang is among the featured riders.

Watch the teaser after the jump. A Shot in the Dark

Update : Teaser 3 now available and included.

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Standing Sideways from Burton

Posted Jul 06 2011

It has been two years since The B, and now Burton's new team move Standing Sideways has been announced - with no sign of team Shaun White this time.

This is the CORRECT way to make a teaser...board breaking, rag dolling, window winding, avalanche dodging video after the jump. Great stuff.

Standing Sideways

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Rip Curl's GUM teaser and Welcome Home II full edit

Posted Jul 05 2011

Rip Curl has made available their new teaser for The GUM Movie, featuring Matrix style shots, and the full edit from team movie sequel, Welcome Home II which can be viewed in three parts after the jump.

Welcome Home II and The GUM Movie.

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