Sexual Snowboarding's Master Bay Table - full film

Posted Nov 26 2015

Master Bay Table, the Helgason's Sexual Snowboarding's 2015 film has just dropped. You know the format - some dodgy CGI, a random collection of tunes, some creative urban riding, and of course, the always brilliant (and slam heavy) open section.

master-bay-table capture 1

Full soundtrack here Master Bay Table

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The Fourth Phase - Travis Rice and Brain Farm return with new film in 2016

Posted Nov 18 2015

At last, a sequel to the The Art Of Flight, a film that even non-snowboarders could enjoy, and has helped promote the sport beyond the typical fan.

the-fourth-phase capture 1

Brain Farm are back with The Fourth Phase

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Burton Presents 2016 - Danny Davis

Posted Nov 12 2015

Burton presents 2016 # 4: Danny Davis takes an alternative way to preparing for XGames half pipe - riding deep Jap pow with Terje and MarK McMorris.

Full series Burton Presents 2016

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Comfort Zone - Enzo Nilo, full part

Posted Nov 10 2015

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Know Before You Go

Posted Nov 09 2015

As we approach the new season, take a little time to watch "Know Before You Go", an excellent short film about avalanche safety. Travis Rice and Jeremy Jones contribute advice edited with shots from Brain Farm and Sherpa Cinema.

Get The Gear, Get The Training, Get the Forecast, Get the picture and Get out of Harm's way.

Go to for more information.

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Nicolas Muller hints at new movie Fruition

Posted Nov 05 2015

Whilst introducing his new (and first ever!) Pro Model, Nicolas Muller reveals the title of this new movie project, Fruition, to be released next fall 2016.

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Convergence - Brain Farm, Travis Rice & Dan Adams.

Posted Oct 19 2015

Whilst we all wait for an Art Of Flight sequel, Brain Farm pair up with Travis Rice again for this mini-film/ad (Polaris Snowmobiles).

Viewable in 4k too.

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Sage Kotsenburg's "The Other Side", Episode 1

Posted Oct 14 2015

Full series here Sage Kotsenburg's the Other Side.

Life after that Olympic win.

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Absinthe Films Eversince Teaser #2

Posted Oct 07 2015

Eversince Available now on iTunes

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Teaser : Stay Hippie - from Nitro Russia

Posted Oct 01 2015

Teaser : Stay Hippie - from Nitro Russia. . The Sochi park conditions seem to have improved since the Olympics ;)

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