Posted Oct 20 2020

This year, something a little bit different from one of our favorite short film makers, Korua Shapes. NACHT.

"What began as basically a “test shoot” has now resulted in the concept film called NACHT"

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At Home with the Homies - Shredbots - full film

Posted Oct 19 2020

Soundtrack breakdown by part after the jump. At Home with the Homies

"We are out there to have a great time, ride pow, and cheer our bros on as we go deep in the Colorado backcountry to find the hidden gems."

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Wasted Youth's Octopus Boys - full film

Posted Oct 16 2020

"Octopus Boys is the 4th instalment in Wasted Youth's attempt to make a snowboard movie."

Driven by their insatiable lust for Deep snow, this entirely Revelstoke based crew has once again managed to scab (or put) together an edit that will further fuel your froth to get yourself out into the backcountry in search of your own powder paradise."

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Burton's One World : The Final Trailer

Posted Oct 09 2020

Burton drops a final trailer (4k) for their team movie, One World. Global permiers kick off on the 10th in Beijing (full dates and locations below) before ending on Amazon Prime streaming on the 17th November.

"92,864 Steps, 999 ideas, 457 Kilohertz, 113 Pillows, 76 Slashes, 72 days, 39 riders, 12 stitches, One World"

Streaming November 17th '20 on Amazon Prime.

"A film by Burton that celebrates the global connection we all share through our love of snowboarding, our respect for the environment and our desire to discover what's next."

Global premieres :

Beijing, China : October 10;
Montreal, Canada : October 22;
Denver, United States : October 23;
Shanghai, China : October 24;
Stockholm, Sweden : November 12;
Tokyo, Japan : November 14

Click here to register for prermieres

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Shredbot's Oh Boy - full film

Posted Oct 09 2020

Understandbly, there is a dearth of films right now, and this is as we are heading towards what would normally be teaser season for this coming year. Regardless, Shredbots never fail to produce quallity content, and have just released the full film Oh Boy. Pillows and pow.

"Oh Boy is a film from the interior of British Columbia the follows the riders that spend the winter riding pillows and pow pow around Golden and Revelstoke."

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