Travis Rice's latest - full short film - Accoutrement

Posted Feb 13 2023

"A lot of days spent in savagely inclement weather preparing for when it all comes into alignment. Having gear that excels when the hydrological cycle is pumping full force is so key to having fun while within the tempest… " Accoutrement

Accoutrement is essentially a small collection of little sessions while working through last season…

La Zone - full film

Posted Dec 28 2022

La Zone"In the early 2000's, snowboard filmer David 'Vlad' Vladyka and a handful of riders discovered an off-the-radar area on the French-Swiss border that held massive potential for shooting freestyle snowboarding. "

"Featuring new and historic footage from La Zone, this new short film directed by Julien Rosens, and produced by Absinthe Films, highlights the history, beauty and inevitable evolution of this legendary shred spot."

Team Effort - full film from DeeluxeBoots

Posted Dec 22 2022

Team Effort features more than 60 DEELUXE team riders from all over the globe - young up-and-comers and local heroes side by side with seasoned pro riders.

Shredbots' Local Desire - full film

Posted Dec 22 2022

Local Desire"The Austrian boys are back." Sequel to Local Surroundings.

Free Rider with Victor De Le Rue - full film

Posted Dec 20 2022

"(Skier) Sam Anthamatten and Victor De Le Rue push new boundaries in the wildest corner of Alaska. A bush pilot drops the small crew of five on a remote, unexplored glacier to conquer the spine walls in a series of ascents, each one more committed. " Free Rider

" Narrator Jérôme Tanon describes with honesty and a touch of sarcasm what exactly is going on here. Above all, he wants to feel what it's like to be in their shoes, to understand what so-called "free riders" are made of, and what could be the purpose and beauty of "freeriding"."