GoPro Hero7 announced

Posted Sep 20 2018

Predictably gorgeous promotional video. With some snowboarding.

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Absinthe's Stay Tuned - Teaser!

Posted Sep 17 2018

The best part of teaser season? The Absinthe Film's teaser dropping every year. And blowing us away. Each and every time. This year is no different. Stay Tuned . Headphone on, volume up!

Stay Tuned Trailer

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Kazu Kokubo's Kamikazu - teaser

Posted Sep 17 2018

"Documents some of the best backcountry riding in history, in deep mountain locations around the globe, from snowboarders hand-selected by Kazu based on style and originality. "

Available on iTunes October 30th, 2018.

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The Future of Yesterday 4K Teaser

Posted Aug 30 2018

"The cast of snowboard films are often dictated more by sponsor dollars and politics than genuine relationships. The Future of Yesterday is the exact opposite of this, due largely in part because it's simply not how snowboarding movies used to be made. These guys are a crew of actual friends who ride together, and have been doing so for a while now."

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Jeremy Jones and Elena Hight - Ode To Muir, teaser

Posted Aug 27 2018

Jeremy Jones & Elena Hight drop their first full teaser for Ode To Muir - and it is as inpiring as you would expect from a Jones film.

Get saving for that splitboard now.

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PyeongChang 2018 snowboard schedule - event start times for the Winter Olympics

Posted Feb 06 2018

It all starts for the Olympic snowboarding teams in PyeongChang in just a few days time, and opens with Slopestyle.

Snowboard Cross - an interesting multi route design for PyeongChang

Full snowboarding event schedule below, times in local time. (GMT+9)

Sat, 10 Feb

Start Time,Location,Event
10:00 Phoenix Park (P) - Slopestyle Men's Slopestyle Qualif. Heat 1 Run 1
10:47 Phoenix Park (P) - Slopestyle Men's Slopestyle Qualif. Heat 1 Run 2
13:00 Phoenix Park (P) - Slopestyle Men's Slopestyle Qualif. Heat 2 Run 1
13:47 Phoenix Park (P) - Slopestyle Men's Slopestyle Qualif. Heat 2 Run 2

Check full schedule after the jump

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SHE - Side Hits Euphoria - Chapter 2

Posted Feb 02 2018

Olivier Gittler and Arthur Longo return with another impressive edit from this year's early season of side hits.

2018's Chapter 2

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ATTUNGA: A Higher Place - Full Movie from Volcom Snow

Posted Jan 31 2018

"ATTUNGA: A Higher Place is the unfiltered saga of three Norwegian snowboarders: Terje Haakonsen, Torgeir Bergrem and Marcus Kleveland, pulling back the curtain and examining their purpose, potential, pitfalls and paychecks."

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PMP's As The Crow Flies - full film in 4K

Posted Jan 15 2018

Red Bull and Pirate Movie Production unexpectedly release their project for this season online, in 4K!

Enjoy As The Crow Flies.

"Join international snowboard professionals - Gigi Rüf, Elias Elhardt, Kazu Kokubo and Toni Kerkela - on their journey around the globe to determine which path leads to a life well-lived, always on the hunt for the best snow, the gnarliest lines, the most unique features."

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As The Crow Flies Teaser

Posted Dec 01 2017

Pirate Movie Production drop the teaser for their 2017 project, As The Crow Flies. Stunning teaser - 4K lines coupled with a beautiful tune. Full edit on Red Bull TV 18th December.

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