Antti Autti's ROAM - Polar Night Teaser

Posted Aug 10 2020

Antti Autti drops a very early preview of this 2021 project - ROAM. Checkout the beautiful cinematography of the Polar Night Teaser below.

Journey in to the mountains of the Arctic Circle

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Shredders - Snowboarding game for Xbox Series X

Posted Jul 29 2020

Right now some of us are still mourning cancelled trips, and unsure of when we can get our next fix of the white stuff. Well, given that travel right now is not an option for most, this might brighten your day. A new, and what could be very decent, snowboarding game.

Developers I-Illusions are making the right noises about this one - "Think EA Skate, but for snowboarding..."

"Shredders puts you on top of the coolest slopes, free-ride spots and snow parks - coming to Xbox Series X in 2021!"

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The Manboys Movie - full film in 4k

Posted Mar 20 2020

If you don't live in resort and/or own a splitboard, then your 2019/20 season has problaby ended prematurely. If you still want a fix though, The Manboys have delivered, they have just released their 2016 iTunes only film free. The Manboys Movie

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ShredBots 4K Full film - LIGHT.

Posted Mar 04 2020

Torstein is back taking center stage. This is something special - the drone shots are ridiculous. The Shredbots are pushing this new era of snowboard movie cinematography like no one else with this Light.

And that shot though Balfface Lodge is like somerthing you have never seen before.

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Burton announce One World - teaser

Posted Feb 26 2020

Burton get in early with an announcement for next season's project, One World. No details yet, but we have short teaser.

"40 Riders. 1 World."

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