Horgasm - A Love Story - watch if free

Posted Apr 03 2013

Horgasm - A Love Story, a mockumentary style film following Torstein Horgmo's season is now available to watch, in full, for free.

horgasm-a-love-story capture 1

Bow before him, for he makes great films

This film is one of our personal favourites of last year, and very, very funny. Thanks to everyone who contributed details on those obscure tracks too - videos have been embedded for the missing tunes.

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Take It Easy with Quicksilver

Posted Apr 02 2013

Quicksilver state "a new roster of talent has been ushered in" with Take it Easy. Dan Liedahl (Danimals) got his first part in Videograss's Shoot The Moon in 2011 and leads the roster here.

take-it-easy capture 1

Danimals rides out an acid trip...

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Transworld SNOWboarding's Nation

Posted Apr 02 2013

A promise of bringing together a crew of "mountain men, snowboarding legends and rookies, contest kids, and rail riders from all around the world" for this project seems to have been fulfilled.

nation capture 1

When we have quality riders as varied as Eiki Helgason hitting rails (also DTF) and Xavier De Le Rue slaying huge descents, in the same movie, Transworld SNOWboarding have our interest.

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DTF Teaser, The Helgasons are Down To Film

Posted Apr 02 2013

Icelandic brothers Eiki Helgason and Halldor Helgason have been entertaining us all on and off the their boards with relentless blog updates and videos, and the pair (with friends) are now following up their last two projects, 2011's Sexual Snowboarding and 2012's Pepping! with DTF.

dtf capture 1

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Early teaser, Xavier de Le Rue's Mission Antarctic

Posted Feb 13 2013

Xavier de Le Rue and Lucas Debari's expedition to the Antarctic will provide the footage for this year's movie with TimeLine Films, Mission Antarctic.

Although the teaser is rather lacking in any riding, we suspect Xavier de Le Rue, never one to to pass on some of the scariest lines ever filmed, will have his free ridings skill tested in what must be one of the few remaining unridden environments for snowboarding.

mission-antarctic capture 1

This teaser alone is so full of jaw droppingly beautiful shots we think this will probably be something special when it drops in the Fall.

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