Film The Bad Seeds

Released 2014

Full movie


"The Bad Seeds stands for a group of individuals who enjoy living a life outside the norm that society has set. They snowboard how they want, all day - everyday. The idea of this movie was to capture how these guys ride when they are together and just snowboarding for fun, not necessarily for capturing the best trick on the biggest feature"

The Bad Seeds Soundtrack
Intro,I See it ComingGuards
Canadian Bacon,Gone the other WayImmmediate Music
European Vacation,The World ApartThe Resonars
Slashing and Bashing,MuteYouth Lagoon
Hips and Bowls,Sally's Dance Ft Cleo PantherParov Stelar
Kashmir Calling,We (Are them)Siena Root
Grizzly Hip,Dope DeluxeNik Ammar
From Russian With Love,AbschaltenEljot Quent
From Russian With Love,Nothing AgainVague
Mid Summer Party,The HunterNew Found Land
Outro,El DoradoThe Fling
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