Film New Noise

Released 2002

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Words from IsenSeven about the production of New Noise

"New Noise is Isenseven's very first full length movie and was released in the summer of 2002 after collecting footage over two seasons.

Back then we got 300 VHS copies made which we paid for ourselves and we had to insert the video cover as well which we had made at a copyshop. The videos were given out for free to our friends, family and anyone that wanted one. Soon we were out of original VHS copies so we started burning it on DVD's at home and sent them out to people that ordered them via email. They only had to pay shipping costs.

The "premiere" of the movie was held in Stefan Templers back yard in our hometown Isen in August 2002. We had all our friends over from all over the place and the whole Garmisch snowboard gang we hung out with also came by. Actually so many people caught wind of our party that the street infront of Stefans house was so packed with cars that nobody could get by anymore.
We often talk to our friends from back then and everyone always reminisces over that party.

Somehow a few people in the industry got a hold of our VHS copy and before we knew it we had a half page review in Pleasure Magazine. We almost shit our pants the first time we read our crew's name in a magazine.

From then on we started to get a little bit of recognition in the snowboard world and people thought it was a good idea to push us....and that's how the movie making began."

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