Film The Art of Flight

Released 2011

Travis Rice teams up with Brain Farm and RedBull once more to give us the most anticipated film of the 2011. Two years of production and the result is looking like one of the most epic snowboarding movies ever made.

The Art of Flight Premier

Update : Premiering Sept 7 at New York City's Beacon Theatre, Blu-ray DVD and iTunes on Sept 8.

The Metal Trailer

The Art of Flight Soundtrack
The Art of Flight - Intro 1Intro 1Travis Rice,element LdefragAmazoniTunes
The Art of Flight - Intro 2Intro 2,OutroM83AmazoniTunes
The Art of Flight - So Far Gone 1So Far Gone 1,Before the StormHendrickson/Dick/Harry
The Art of Flight - So Far Gone 2So Far Gone 2John Jackson,Travis Rice,Mark Landvik,Ghosts n Stuff (Nero Mix)Deadmau5AmazoniTunes
The Art of Flight - Down DaysDown Days,Passion VictimOswin Macintosh
The Art of Flight - WizardWizardTravis Rice,John Jackson,No WayThe Naked and FamousAmazoniTunes
The Art of Flight - No BuenoNo BuenoTravis Rice,Jake Blauvelt,Scotty Lago,Ash/Black VeilApparatAmazoniTunes
The Art of Flight - Darwin 1Darwin 1,Nowhere to RunKlaus BadeltAmazoniTunes
The Art of Flight - Darwin 2Darwin 2Travis Rice,Mark Landvik,Sunday Seance (Loka Remix)BlockheadAmazoniTunes
The Art of Flight - Home 1Home 1,Another DayThe Album LeafAmazoniTunes
The Art of Flight - Home 2Home 2Travis Rice,Mark Landvik,Pat Moore,Kyle Clancy,Scotty Lago,Young BloodThe Naked and FamousAmazoniTunes
The Art of Flight - Home 3Home 3Scotty Lago,Motional Rescue PulseMel Wesson
The Art of Flight - Avalanche 1Avalanche 1,Stark LightMel Wesson
The Art of Flight - Avalanche 2Avalanche 2,Sigur 6 (Untitled)Sigur RosAmazon
The Art of Flight - Where the Water Flows like WineWhere the Water Flows like WineLuke Mitrani,Scotty Lago,Eric Willett,Bode Merrill,Mark McMorris,IntroM83AmazoniTunes
The Art of Flight - RevelstokedRevelstokedTravis Rice,Nicolas Muller,DCP,Iron Clad LouHumAmazon
The Art of Flight - More stokedMore stokedNicolas Muller,Travis Rice,Scotty Lago,Eero Niemela,Jeremy Jones,Young Men DeadThe Black AngelsAmazoniTunes
The Art of Flight - Even more stokedEven more stokedTravis Rice,My Tears Are Becoming A SeaM83AmazoniTunes
The Art of Flight - CreditsCredits,WestfallOkkervil RiverAmazoniTunes
The Art of Flight - DVD/BD MenuDVD/BD Menu,Chapel SongWe Are AugustinesAmazoniTunes
The Art of Flight - TeaserTeaser,Fire Shall Devour ThemThe Three Corners Of The EarthAmazoniTunes
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