Relate To It film with Antti Autti

Posted Nov 08 2012

Antti Autti embraced the current trend for creating a web series this year with Relate to It, and from this project he has distilled the best footage into a free to view movie sharing the same name.

relate-to-it capture 1

Relate to It is primarily backcountry booters and drops, and well worth checking out.

Antti set out to "search for the best powder" but yet "wanted to get the white magic from the places accessible for everyone." There certainly is some variety, even featuring a slush part, but on the whole, its deep, deep pow all the way. Full soundtrack by part listed too.

Relate To It Soundtrack
Intro,Beat DownRelentlessAmazon
Japan,Widow of My DreamsOrbitsAmazon
British Columbia,Shadows Follow MeTerrible FeelingsAmazon
Tamok 1,Farmer's SonErow
Tamok 2,DragonsLapkoAmazon
Slush,For So LongAndrea Dahle
New Zealand 1,Paha VaanilMarko Haavisto and PoutahaukatAmazon
New Zealand 2,Haunted by the DevilRelentlessAmazon
Outro,All SetM.O.T.O.Amazon